Q: Are my Carers trained?
Q: Will I always get the same Carer?

Q: How will I know if the Carer is really from Lillyfields?
Q: Will the agreed time of my Care visit be the same each day?

Q: Will I be tied in to a contract for a set period of time?
Q: If I am unhappy with my Care what should I do?
Q: Will I have a say in my Care?
Q: How long does it take to set-up my Care?
Q: What if I want to cancel my Contract?
Q: If I cancel a Care visit will I get charged?
Q: Will I be charged if my Carer comes but is not needed and I send them away?
Q: Are your staff insured?
Q: Can I ask my Carer to climb a ladder to change curtains or go in to the attic or move furniture around?
Q: If I have a pet will this be a problem?
Q: How will my Carer gain access to my home?
Q: Is my Carer a nurse?
Q: Can I change my Care Plan with my carer?


When we talk to our customers we find that looking for and dealing with care agencies can be incredibly daunting.As a family company we really understand this so please talk to us to help you through the maze.
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