Q: Are my Carers trained?
A: Lillyfields Staff attend an intensive training programme covering “Principles of Care”, “Health & Safety” and other aspects of Care. Carers training is updated on a regular basis and Carers are encouraged to complete their NVQ 2 in Care.
Q: Will I always get the same Carer?

A: We will usually try to match you with more than one carer so that you are familiar and secure with the team that is supporting you.

Q: How will I know if the Carer is really from Lillyfields?

A: Lillyfields’ Carers will always be in uniform and carry a sealed identification card with their photo.

If you are in any doubt contact the Lillyfields’ office before letting them in. We will understand.
Q: Will the agreed time of my Care visit be the same each day?

A: Your visit times will be agreed on your Care Plan and Carers will stick to it. However, you should allow 10 mins each way in case of problems with traffic etc.

Q: Will I be tied in to a contract for a set period of time?

A: No, the contract is to explain what we expect from each other. However, if the service is cancelled within 28 days of starting there maybe a small administration fee.

Q: If I am unhappy with my Care what should I do?

A: Contact the Care Manager at Lillyfields’ office immediately; we are always happy to sort out any concerns.

Q: Will I have a say in my Care?

A: You and/or your family will always be fully involved in your Care Plan.

Q: How long does it take to set-up my Care?

A: We try to complete the process within 3 days.

Q: What if I want to cancel my Contract?

A: Contact Lillyfields office – so long as you give us 14 days notice in writing you will only be charged for visits provided.

Q: If I cancel a Care visit will I get charged?

A: So long as you give us 48 hours notice you will not be charged.

Q: Will I be charged if my Carer comes but is not needed and I send them away?

A: Yes, unless you have not given us 48 hours notice.

Q: Are your staff insured?

A: Yes, Lillyfields Care has Public Liability Insurance. However, on occasions accidental damage and breakage can occur; Lillyfields Care does not accept liability or responsibility for this kind of damage and Clients are recommended to check they have the correct level of cover through their insurance providers.

Q: Can I ask my Carer to climb a ladder to change curtains or go in to the attic or move furniture around?

A: NO, your Carer can only do light domestic duties.

Q: If I have a pet will this be a problem?

A: NO, as long as you let us know at your assessment then we can match you to a Carer accordingly.

Q: How will my Carer gain access to my home?

A: If you are unable to answer the door yourself, we recommend a Key Safe be fitted, or sometimes an alternative safe place for a key is agreed e.g. with a neighbour.

Q: Is my Carer a nurse?

A: No, but our Carers can access support and advice from District Nurses

Q: Can I change my Care Plan with my carer?

A: No, Care Plans need to be changed through Lillyfields Care Management – please speak with us about your changing needs.


When we talk to our customers we find that looking for and dealing with care agencies can be incredibly daunting. As a family company we really understand this so please talk to us to help you through the maze.
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