Palliative Care

live-in-palliative-careThe aim of palliative care is always to achieve the best quality of life for the individual and to help support their families during a potentially difficult time.

What is it?

Palliative care is for people suffering from life threatening or terminal illness, in these cases the management of pain and psychological well-being of the client is our primary concern. We see it as a privilege to be asked to help at this stage in someone’s life and our clients can expect the situation to be treated with respect and humility.

What we do
  1. Tailored Care to match individual needs
  2. Respect the spiritual wishes of the Client
  3. Work with other palliative services
  4. Support the Client and their Family however we can
  5. Manage pain
  6. Be with the client
  7. Listen to the Clients wishes
  8. Treat the situation as a normal part of life
When we talk to our customers we find that looking for and dealing with care agencies can be incredibly daunting. As a family company we really understand this so please talk to us to help you through the maze.
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